Better, Stronger, Faster
2014 July 21 - Morning Run

Ran 3.75 miles this morning. Felt pretty good.

2014 July 20 - Sculling Clinic

Finally made it to a sculling clinic at the Austin Rowing Club! 

After the intro to rowing (ITR) class I took last month, I signed up for the monthly membership a couple of days ago and did the sculling clinic Sunday AM.  I would characterize the clinic as more of a lightly supervised practice session, so there is not not a ton of individual attention, but I did pick up some golden nuggets, relating to the following:

  1. getting in and out of the shell at the dock
  2. how to set the distance of the foot stretcher
  3. turning using a backing stroke, rather than just stroking a zillion times with the other arm (which totally smoked my shoulder during the ITR class)
  4. maneuvering back up to the dock



RISOUL, FRANCE - JULY 19: Rafal Majka of Poland and Tinkoff-Saxo crosses the finish line to win the fourteenth stage of the 2014 Tour de France, a 177km stage between Grenoble and Risoul, on July 19, 2014 in Risoul, France. (Photo by Bryn Lennon/Getty Images) (via Rafal Majka of Poland and TinkoffSaxo crosses the finish line to win… News Photo 452382632 | Getty Images)

2014 July 19 - Run 6 x 1 miles

This morning’s run:
6 x 1 mile repeats, walking a couple of minutes in between for recovery

Total mileage: 7.25 including warm up and cool down.

Racergirl Mel McQuaid is getting into the World Cup spirit!

2014 July 12 — Run, Snatch, Clean & Jerk

Ran for an hour this morning. The marathon plan called for a much longer run. However, I did a shorter one so I could take advantage of another opportunity today, a lifting seminar. This morning on the run was the best I have felt in awhile, which was very welcome. Lately, I have had leaden legs and the ongoing back trouble, but I had none of that today.

After the run, I went to a 2-hour Olympic lifting seminar, taught by Jaime Shauger at Travis County Strength. We worked on the snatch first and then the clean and jerk. I am terrible at overhead squats, a key component of the snatch, but I felt better about it after getting some tips from Jaime. My clean and jerk is better, but there are plenty of places where I can still improve there, as well.

I also could have been smarter if I had eaten more food between running and lifting. I didn’t eat much because I was afraid I would barf, but in the end I could have used more fuel.

Allez! Vive le Tour!  (Seen on this morning’s run, here in Austin)

Allez! Vive le Tour! (Seen on this morning’s run, here in Austin)

2014 July 9 - run

40 min EZ run.  Back still bothers me sometimes, and this was one of them.  Also, it was quite hot when I got around to my run in the afternoon.  (Summer is here.)

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